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Meeting FAA airport inspection requirements is a heavy load for operations teams and failure to comply not only jeopardizes safety but can result in costly fines and closures.

The Essential Aero platform, powered by artificial intelligence and a high-fidelity data capture system, automates aerial inspections – improving safety, operations, reporting, and record-keeping while drastically reducing the time and resources spent on risk detection.

The Essential Aero Approach

Fully Integrated Inspection Solution

Our SaaS platform aggregates detailed data including high fidelity images and video from our UAS flight system, runs it through real-time analytics, and produces actionable reports to drive new insights so you can quickly address risks and improve operations. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing airport operations systems and workflow to take your inspections to the next level.

Flight Automation

Manage flight activities from your mobile or desktop app. Activate and monitor inspections from a simple mobile application. No manual piloting is required. Our cloud-based software safely manages flights, delivers real-time detection and classification data, and produces detailed reports including images and video to drive new insights so you can quickly address risks and improve operations.

Certified Hardware

Our industrial-strength drone packages, with pending FAA airworthiness certification, are designed & manufactured in the US. They effectively replace personnel-intensive ground and air inspection activities to deliver more detailed inspections, more frequently. The results: your team’s time and resources are freed up to focus on higher-value activities such as preventative maintenance and repairs.


You are not in this alone. From integration and training to custom adaptations and maintenance, our network of experts ensures a successful launch and seamless ongoing operations. Our goal is to equip you and your team with best-in-class tools that integrate into your existing processes and systems to take your airport security to the next level.

Delivering Results

Essential Aero is working on projects focused on airports and we support Airport Managers and Operations Supervisors in meeting their daily Part 139 inspection requirements and much more.

We are also working with the FAA to automate their Flight Inspection of Pilot Visual Aids and Navigational Aids. We are currently developing a program for Lighting Inspections and we are the FAA industry partner for ILS Zone 3 inspection by drone in the HHTP Center of Excellent (COE).
Airport Self Inspections
Airport Visual Aid Inspections
Airport NAVAID Inspections

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